Cahill are the masters of floor-filling, funky, commercial house and are widely recognized as one of the hottest remix/production outfits in the UK.

Cahill consist of Scott Rosser, Anton Powers and Tim Condran. They were originally named after the Everton Footballer ‘Tim Cahill’.

In 2007 they hit the scene after recording their first single ‘Trippin On You’. The song became a club smash and was playlisted by Radio 1, Galaxy, Kiss, MTV Dance and many more radio and TV channels. The single was played in excess of 10,000 times on UK radio. It reached number 21 in the UK national chart and also went on to chart success around the world in USA, Australia, South Africa, Holland and Russia.

Other singles released by Cahill have included the club smashes; Sex Shooter, Crush On You and Into My Life.

Cahill became even hotter property remix wise. The biggest artists in the world are now contacting them in search for the Cahill magic touch. Mariah Carey, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Clean Bandit, Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus to name just a few have all been knocking at Cahill’s studio door!

Support for these remixes is unprecedented with major heavyweight plays from Scott Mills, Greg James and Dance Anthems on Radio 1. Plus all the major music TV channels playlisting the Cahill versions.